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Quick, Greene, McBride and Brown Win Charlotte Heat Races

Quick, Greene, McBride and Brown Win Charlotte Heat Races

CONCORD, N.C. (Oct. 28) — Drivers Colby Quick, Ricky Greene, Jamison McBride and Dillon Brown registered heat race victories Friday night at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, and the field was set for the 604 Fox Factory Pro Late Model portion of the DIRTcar-sanctioned World Short Track Championship at the 4/10-mile oval.

Two last-chance events were also held, and those were won by Layton Sullivan and Benji Hicks.

The main event for the 604 Late Model division—one of 10 classes featured during the huge racing weekend—is slated Oct. 29 at the high-banked facility and will pay $4,000 to the winner. It is a partnership between Crate Racin’ USA and DIRTcar Racing for the third year in a row.

Quick beat fellow-front-row starter Jordan Koehler into the first corner on the opening circuit, and never again trailed.

The Salisbury, N.C., driver drove to a comfortable win over Koehler, Jeremy Steele, Jacob Brown and Layton Sullivan.

Ricky Greene of Newton, N.C., led the entire distance en route to the checkered flag in the second heat race, and drove across then stripe ahead of Matt Long, Dalton Jacobs, David Pangrazio and Kendal Tucker.

The third heat was claimed by teenager Jamison McBride, who led every circuit in a race that featured several passes for position behind him.

Seventh-place starter Jody Knowles maneuvered his way through the pack from the inside of the fourth row, and took runner-up honors in an 11-car field over Cody Cubbage, Justin Hudspeth and Benji Hicks.

Last year’s winner of the weekend’s main event—Dillon Brown of Gaffney, S.C.—raced away from his closest challengers in his preliminary event to post the win.
Trent Ivey ducked underneath Stephen Pedulla for second spot, relegating Pedulla to third over Joey Johnson and Brock Pinkerous.

If you can’t be at the track, watch the event live on DirtVision.com.

A 30-lap feature for the division will headline the weekend. Here is the starting lineup:

Row 1: Colby Quick, Ricky Greene
Row 2: Jamison McBride, Dillon Brown
Row 3: Jordan Koehler, Matt Long
Row 4: Jody Knowles, Trent Ivey
Row 5: Jeremy Steele, Dalton Jacobs
Row 6: Cody Cubbage, Stephen Pedulla
Row 7: Jacob Brown, David Pangrazio
Row 8: Justin Hudspeth, Joey Johnson
Row 9: Layton Sullivan, Benji Hicks
Row 10: Kendal Tucker, Brock Pinkerous
Row 11: Daniel Breuer, Mike Franklin

Heat One: 1. Colby Quick, 2. Jordan Koehler, 3. Jeremy Steele, 4. Jacob Brown, 5. Layton Sullivan, 6. Daniel Breuer, 7. Colton Truille, 8. Billy Martin, 9. Matt Ashworth, 10. Chub Gunter, 11. Roger Lankford.

Heat Two: 1. Ricky Greene, 2. Matt Long, 3. Dalton Jacobs, 4. David Pangrazio, 5. Kendal Tucker, 6. Jeffrey Johnson, 7. Gary Mabe, 8. Taylor Wood, 9. Patrick Evatt, 10. Marc Berzowski.

Heat Three: 1. Jamison McBride, 2. Jody Knowles, 3. Cody Cubbage, 4. Justin Hudspeth, 5. Benji Hicks, 6. Timmie Harrelson, 7. Dale Moore, 8. Mike Franklin, 9. Jacob Lehn, 10. Randy Pinnix, 11. Tommy Eastridge.

Heat Four: 1. Dillon Brown, 2. Trent Ivey, 3. Stephen Pedulla, 4. Joey Johnson, 5. Brock Pinkerous, 6. Shawn Martin, 7. Brian Ledbetter, 8. William Russell, 9. Keaton Smith, 10. Chuck Melton.

Last-Chance (One): 1. Layton Sullivan, 2. Kendal Tucker, 3. Daniel Breuer, 4. Colton Truille, 5. Taylor Wood, 6. Jeffrey Johnson, 7. Gary Mabe, 8. Billy Martin, 9. Roger Lankford.
Did not start— Matt Ashworth, Chub Gunter

Last-Chance (Two): 1. Benji Hicks, 2. Brock Pinkerous, 3. Mike Franklin, 4. Dale Moore, 5. Shawn Martin, 6. Timmie Harrelson, 7. Keaton Smith, 8. Brian Ledbetter, 9. Jacob Lehn, 10. William Russell, 11. Chuck Melton, 12. Tommy Eastridge, 13. Randy Pinnix.

Article Credit: Brian McLeod